The Graybiel Lab is on the 6th floor of MIT's building 46, on Main Street between Albany and Vassar Streets. We are across the street from the Whitehead Institute on Main Street and across from the Stata Center on Vassar Street. When entering the building from Vassar Street, it is recommended to cross the main courtyard of the third floor to easily access the lab. On the T (subway) red line, get off at Kendall Square. From the T station, walk down Main Street, crossing Ames and Vassar Streets. Metered parking is available on nearby area streets.



Massachusetts Institute of Technology
McGovern Institute of Brain Research
43 Vassar Street
Building 46, Room 6133
Cambridge, MA 02139


Ann Graybiel's Office: 617 253-5785
Histology and General Office: 617 253-5780
Research Lab Offices: 617 253-5740

Fax: 617 253-1599